Sorry for my lateness of the final piece. My artworks key concept is democracy.My artwork explains how politicians should support Democracy and listen to everyone about their views and support the decision of the people instead of what they think.In my picture the politician is listening to the other mp’s views and discuss about them.Democracy and elections are really important because the public also have opinions and point of views and the politician should not only care about her or him but also the public so that they are happy.My artwork shows democracy listening to the public.It is also very important for the public to support the politician‘s decision.Now I want to talk about the question which is ,is it okay for politician‘s to lie?I also talked about this question in my last post but now I want to talk about it for my final piece as well.So in my piece of artwork the politician is not lieing to anyone.It is really important for the politician to not lie because their country’s people need to know what’s happening so they are not scared when something comes up.IN MY OPINION I think that if the politician thinks lieing will help the country I think it will not because then the public won’t trust the pm/important person.My artwork shows democrac,listening to other people and not lieing to the public.

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