Corupted politicians

After our last lesson, I've come to a conclusion. A lot of politicians are corrupted and are using their power for their own benefits. They don't have their best interests at heart to rule or support their parties or their governments. The political system is complicated and might affect the lives of the citizens due to corrupted people within it. Most mistakes that expose those people are illegal. However if someone has done something embarassing or maybe just went over the speed limit it doesn't mean their bad and they are stealing money from their country. One case was Chris Huhne, he went over the speed limit but his wife took the blame for him, when they split up she revealed the truth.

But today we are talking about one politician who has done something that some people say it was illegal and others disagree. That is Boris Johnson, the UK primeminister.

Last year he asked the queen to prorogue (shut) Parliament for five weeks in Autumn. This was an unusually long time, especially as Britain was due to agree on Brexit deal by October 31st.The court ruled that any prorogation would be unlawful. Different people saw the matter in different points of views and had their own thoughts on it. This was not classified as ''illegal''. You can understand why people would think it was an illegal act beacause it would reduce the amount of time for Parliament had to block a no-deal Brexit.

In my opinion, what Boris Johnson had done is not illegal and might be a result of not being able to determine if Brexit should happen. Also the MPs might have wanted time to think things through again and be sure of their actions.

Lastly, not every politician is corrupted, there are lots that are trying their best and being fully loyal to their country. You can't judge somebody because of their past, collegues or jobs.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    27 Jan 2020

    I'm glad you added that last sentence - as there are many who are doing their best to improve the lives of their constituents and the country as a whole. Can you find any examples of these politicians?

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