Chose to do the right thing!!!!


My artwork is about the Media and Power. I have chosen this because to be a good leader you have to have power over your citizens. This is shown in a democratic country as well. In a democratic country the people have the power as well. They can express there feelings and opinions whilst the leader must listen to them.

My picture fits into this because even though Britain is a democratic country, people still feel trapped. Like they don’t have enough say. A Prime Minister is a leader (if a leader did not have enough power then very little people would listen to them) just like a teacher.

My drawing shows how the community strives for it. But behind a barrier we have our own opinions. But sometimes it’s a negative way and can hurt someone in their own head and way because of it.

This picture is about how people need to no when is the right time to make a post about something about your leader who represents you and your country. This is why I chose the Media and Power.

By joyous_ temperature

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