Are some people more powerful then us?


In my peice of artwork,my key idea is equality.Equality is when two people should either Be treated fairly[No favour in their background/or less favor from their background].And my concept is power.Power is when one person has more abilty than another[Power is very easy to abuse].These link together as what I'm trying to show is that no matter who we are we are all humans and especially if we are in politics some politicians have a big head and don't show we are all equal as we should be.For example,if I were Prime Minster and wanted a whole theme park being closed for me I haven't shown equality becauser I have used my power to get my way when I could have waited and made someones day.

In my artwork,you can see a greater than sign and below a big cross this symbolises no one is in a higher place than another mabye a important job but nothing else.Same goes as the other side you can see a less than sign and a big cross below it this symbolises no one is less than another and should feel worthy to be equal.In the middle you can see a great,big equal sign I wanted this to really stand out from the others because it was different and it was centre stage in the middle.Anyways,under the equals sign there is 7 characters one is a PM,two MPs and four other citizens under the equal sign.This shows everyone is equal no matter each background or religion.


Since the beginning of this topic,I was a little hesitant and stayed true to what I had but from the help of the experts,competions and the guidelines they have helpt me with the skill open-mindedness and really opened my eyes more about the other side of the story.I want someone to feel happy knowing they dont to change and act like someone else to be treated right.

I would like to call my work 'Always in the middle'

Yours truly methodical_ocean :]

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