My peice of art is about Accountability. Accountability is when someone for example a Prime Minister does somthing bad before being elected and gets punnished for that deed. Being held accountable can happen to anyone at any time. In this piece of text, I am going to be explaning why I chose this picture and explaining my opinion about being held accountable.

What does my image mean?

My image is an Accountability loop. An Accountability loop is when you write a cicle about the stages of being held accountable. The stages of being held accountability are:

-The first stage is when someone has discovered your bad deed(s).

-The second stage is when that one person tells many other people.

-The third stage is when news reporters find out about your bad deed(s).

-The final stage is when the news reporter tells everyone about your bad deed(s)

This is a loop because it is repeatable.

My opinion about accountability

I think that being held accountable is fair because when you do a bad deed, you would have to be punnished. Take secondary school for eample. If you break the school rules, You get punnished. The exact same rule applies for the law. If you break the law, you get punnished.

The only time that being held to account is unfair is when someone is let out of prison early. This is unfair because when someone gets let out of prison early, they would start to think that they would be let out of prison early every time they go to prison. This is also unfair because others have to serve all of their terms and they would find it unfair that they have to go to prison and serve all of thier terms and someone else does not.

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