A prime ministers life. What is it like???

Being a prime ministers sounds like the most luxurious job ever right? Well is it though because as much as you get all the joy and pride of knowing that you run the country you also get all the stress. So this post will tell you what it is like...

Yes I agree I would absolutely love to run the country but it really is not that easy. People are not going to agree with you completely they are going to disagree on some of your decisions and you really can't change it because that's life. If you were prime minister right now and you just made a big decision and people did not like it you would just have to move on. How would that feel knowing that you can't do anything to stop you just have to put a brave face on and move on. It would really not feel good at all.

When being prime minister you also have to deal with all the hate that comes with it. People may not like the idea of being prime minister and they do have an opinion so you can't stop it. The hate can also get out of hand but you do again have to put a brave face on and deal with it which is not a nice feeling.

But out do not let this put you off if this is your dream to be a prime minister fight through the hate fight through the stress. Some prime ministers have great experiences. It is possible and you can do it.

By genius chocolate

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