A dying planet


My artwork is about Prime Ministers responsibilitys on animal and plant conservation and protecting the earth. I wanted to draw the picture showing that Prime Ministers should focus more on saving the planet by minimising pollution. I have shown this in my artwork with a PM watching T.V and it's saying about saving our planet. I have used green and blue as a sign of nature and life. In the picture, there are symbals of light bulbs. I have chosen these symbols as a way of showing an idea. From what I've learnt about politics, I think everyone should know about how everyone gets their own say. When people look at my art, I hope they try to help the proccess of saving earth. It's name is A dying planet

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  • Evelyn-Street-logo-250x250.jpg lovable_clarinet | Evelyn Street Primary School A
    15 Feb 2020

    In my opinion, this was a great explanation. Our world is dying and we need to save it. I love your drawing, too. We need to be using less plastic AND palm oil, it wrecks most of our planet. A company is now making bracelets that you can buy and then they get plastic out of the ocean, it's great! I love how you're talking about this topic, not many are and it's very important. Prime Ministers and MP, yes, should also focus more. Great post!

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