6 bad things Donald Trump has done.

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1.Ridiulously, Trump claimed that USA was a full country. However, it's a massive country and if he continues to say things like that then the economy of his country is not going to continue flowing.

2. Futhermore, Donald used anti- Semitic tropes so he could attack his enemies.

3.In addition to this, he said the Soviet Union was right to invade Afghanstan and congratulate China on the 70th anniversary of communist takeover.

4.Also, Trump lost a need less government shut down fight and instead of receiving 1.6 billion earned a lower revenue with 1.38 billon.

5. Adding to this, Trump continued to attack dead people. Nobody knows why he did this but it is very sad that he continues to attack them.

6. Finally, Donald gave Turkey a green light to invade Syria and attack our Kurdish allies. The Kurds suffered 11,000 casualties.

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