A guide for posting about Politicians and Power

Thank you to everyone who has started posting and commenting for our brand new Issue: Politicians and Power.

We are really excited to see you sharing your ideas on this brilliant topic.

In this Issue, we will be learning what powers politicians have, finding out how they have sometimes acted irresponsibly, and discussing how they should be held to account, or kept in line. There's also lots to say about the positive things politicians do too - it's important to remember that although some misbehave, there is lots to admire and praise them for too.

Posts about general issues in the news, like the current tension between the USA and Iran, and what might happen next, are NOT for the Hub.

Please make sure any posts are about politicians, their powers, their behaviour, and how they are kept in line. You can also ask questions about democracy, responsibility and justice!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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