Why are people avoiding Covid-19 news?


There are 31% of people avoiding news about Covid-19. This issue is important as it shows that 31% of people do not care about the worldwide issue and that they are not interested in how they are making things so that the economy can still produce.

Why you should look at the news

People should look at the news as it can inform them about what is going on and how they are trying to make the situation better by reducing guidelines. Most people will not know what is going on and how it is affecting them as a single person so they should follow the news for regular updates and make sure that they have a good understanding about the current times and the situation they are dealing with.

Why are they avoiding the news?

Many people may be avoiding the news about Covid as they are fed up of it and are not wanting to hear more about it. They will then not bother listening to the news so that they don't get information on what the government are doing. A downside to this is that some people will not listen to the current regulations and will be left as the odd one out when they go to supermarkets and are not allowed in as they are not wearing a face mask.

How can they get persuaded to listen to the news?

The 31% of people who are not listen to the news may be persuaded to have a look at the news in the future when they see what others are doing and how they are helping others. They will see the impacts on themselves from not realising the newest update about Covid-19 and how the government had reduced the guidelines about how and what you had to do.

How can they change what they do?

One of the main things they could do would be to listen to the news again and follow the regular updates that are given out. This will help them dramatically as they will be able to know what to do and where they have to do these certain things. It will also help them for when they are of to places such as the supermarket or park as they will be able to see if they have to wear ppa or if they don't have to wear ppa deciding if it is indoors or outdoors.

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