What does Infodemic mean and have we ever used this is the world

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The main meaning of INFODEMIC according to Google basically means

INFODEMIC is a blend of "INFORMATION" and "EPIDEMIC" that typically refers to a rapid and far-reaching spread of both ACCURATE and inaccurate information about something such as a disease

When I first heard this word I was quite confused and even when I tried to type the word even AutoCorrect kept on coming on then that might mean that that word”infodemic” It’s kind of a real word word But I started to pick up on this I thought to myself well as were in the pandemic have we been using It’s ever During this pandemic well here are my opinions and some of my family members opinions too!


My dad has said that he thinks that we are definitely using infodemic during the pandemic For example during this pandemic it has been classified as a pandemic right and the”pandemic” is spreading very fast there for it i classified as an infodemic so basically the main meaning of infodemic means a pandemic thats has been spreading fast and the scientist have no medicine for it and thats why he thinks that we have beeen using infodemic during the pandemic


But i also said that Some people disagree with the PANDEMIC being an INFODEMIC becuase Some people might think that The DEATH RATES Are going down because of the “NEW VACCINE”
Also some people might think that the VACCINE might actually work and the SCIENTISTS have done a great job with making a CURE for the CORONAVIRUS that’s why some people might not think that the PANDEMIC is A INFODEMIC

So personally in total if I was to choose between the PANDEMIC being an INFODEMIC or not I would choose the PANDEMIC being an InFODEMIC due to the fact that still right now the PANDEMIC would be classified as an INFODEMIC

Hope you had a lovely time reading time reading this thank you very much and have a lovely day!!!


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