News sources!

An infodemic can spread a lot of misinformation by over exaggerating adding fake news. This could make people worry a lot or confuse them. This might be a BIG problem because they also add a lot of negative news as well and this means people won’t be happy and this will affect mental health.

My top tips?-I would suggest, to find reliable news, you should check different websites to see whether they have different oppinions on things. Another option would be to check with some you completely trust or to just ask a scientist/someone who studies viruses.

Too much news?

There is a link between news and mental health. This would be that, if people add too much fake/negative news, people would not be reading enough positive news so this means they will not be as happy. This may affect someone’s metal health badly. Also, this might overwhelm people so there is a chance they will not want to read the news about Covid-19. The results of this would be that they would not know when lockdownis over and they may leave their house to early and this causes a higher chance of more people catching the virus.

my top tips?-I would suggest that you try and think positive and think of the good reasons about Covid rules. For example, it means that less people would be tested positive if we all stayed at home and kept our distance, even if that meant a lack of socialising.

Numbers in the news?

Numbers in the news can be used in a bad way that might unease people. For example, pe might over exaggerate the amount of Covid deaths. Most of the time, these deaths werent from the virus however writers have just assumed they were. For the readers, this might worry them too much and they would ignor all of the recent news about the corona virus. This would to more spreading of germs.

my top tips?-I would suggest that you try and understand that Covid is not always the case and that many people can just die of other conditions ( heartattack, cancer, old age, etc.) so the numbers in the news are just over exaggerated.

Story shapers!!!

The media can easily shape stories by adding fake news or over exaggerating things just to get more views. This would normally be a problem because it is a lot of negative news however some people may think on the positive side.

My top tips?-I would suggest that you.....Check other websites! Not all websites tell the truth. They can over exaggerate a lot and will add fake news if they want to....

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