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This is delightful_effort and articulate_concept and our statistic is number A which says that about 90% of all reported news is negative. This means that most news shown on the news is not positive.

What the statistic shows is that people need more help navigating the news because the public is mostly looking for bad news so all the news sources show news that most people watch (Bad News) so that they can get more viewers.

Welcome back with delightful news and today we are here with a girl called uh...

'Ava. My name's Ava. Ava Jolli''

oH sOrRy AvA.

*Cough* So we are here with a stylish girl called Ava.

Ava, I have some questions for you but first of all, could u introduce yourself?

'So as you already know, my name is Ava. I am 23 and I work in East Street market in the chicken and chips shop.' 'I have two children who love the chicken and jollof rice I cook and they were so excited to see me on tv!' *Waves at camera*

OoH~ Did You know my faveourite food is Jollof rice? You could cook me some one day.

'Ha Ha''

Why do you think most news is negative?

'As you said before, I really do believe that it is mainly the public's fault for looking for bad news too much.' 'I understand they want to take caution so these terrible things dont happen to them but why choose to watch negative news more over positive news?'

Yeah. I understand your point.

What is your top tip for news? (TOP TIP 1)

'I would say that when your searching for news, you should use a reliable news source so that you would not be mislead with some untrue stories and information.'

Thank You for your answers and Have a great rest of the day!

-30 minutes later-

We are back with another person! So tell us your name!

'Ok Uh.. Wassup everyone! I am uh.. Josh and I am 32 years old. I have 6 kids who love to smile. I love to teach children so I am a teacher.'

Ok. Thats cool but my question for you today is...

What do you think about statistic A in general?

'Well.. I overall feel like this isnt good and that I think that news could be more positive than this. Take Newsround as an example. It shows positive life stories and they discuss better things like people's accomplishments.'

Mhm. I watch newsround too!

What is your Top tip for news? (TOP TIP 2)

'One thing I would say is that DONT trust everything you see on social media because it could be incorrect and it could trick you to believe it so yeah.'

Oh Thank you so much for taking your time to answer these questions!

-15 minutes later-

Good Afternoon, could u please explain who you are?

'My name is Lolo and I am an artist. I love to draw and paint and I do not have any children but I still love my life!

Could you give me some examples of negative news?

'There are loads of bad things that are happening in the world but one recent thing that has happened is when a 33 year old women got kidnapped by a police.'

Could you explain what happened?

'On the news, I saw a case when a 33 year old woman got kidnapped by an off-duty police officer who is currently being investegated for her murder. So this has brought up a debate around women safety in our society.

Could you give me another example of negative news?

'Deaths, Injuries, Another recent one is Covid-19. Many people are devastated because they are loosing their loved ones because of this deadly virus.'

Yes! so true but so sad.

What is your top tip for news? (Top Tip 3)

'If you know or feel like a certain news is not true, dont spread it around because some other person could not know that the information is not reliable and could send it to someone else and they could send it to someone else and so on... until everyone sees that false information.'

Yeah. Its really important that you dont help get that fake news around

-25 minutes later-

'Um I am here with the last guest for today so let him introduce himself.

'My Name is Alo and I am a 23 year old doctor. I love my job and taking care of people.'

Its nice to meet you Alo!

How do you think the news affect the people who watch it?

'I think news is supposed to make you feel different ways and its supposed to be giving u different emotions at different times but based on statistic A, most people would be probably feeling unhappy.'


What is your top tip? (Top Tip 4)

'My top tip is linked to the question you just asked me. News is supposed to make you feel different feelings like sad, happy excited, angry, moody, anxious, confused and so on but if your feeling over whelmed with the news that is shown, I would take a small break and do some excercise or something to take my mind of it like maybe a peice of art.

We have had amazing and brilliant people sharing their top tips but I have 1 more thing to say


Remember You are never to small to make a difference, when you see a peice of negative news, you can make a huge change. For example, we can help climate change by walking or cycling to our destination instead of using cars (unless it is electric cars), pick up all the plastic we see so it doesnt affect the poor fish in the sea and so on.

Thank you for taking your time to read our post!

delightful_effort & articulate_concept

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    29 Mar 2021

    A very creative final_piece, well done! You've highlighted clearly where your top tips are to help the reader navigate your post. Which of your top tips is most important, in your view?

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