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Featured image Infodemic 5

The situation at the moment can be very worrying and confusing but not to worry, with my top tip you can get though the news in a hurry.

Infodemics can cause alot of missinformation. My top tip to counter this is go to a reliable news source wether thats on the telivision or a website.

The news can be very overwelming and bombarding: this can cause lots of worry and missleading information. My top tip for this would be to take a breake from the news every one and a while checking every so often for important news.

The statistics in the news can cause various different reaction deppending on how large or how small the number is. My top tip for this infodemics statstics is not to worry and take them as a rounded number not an exact one.

During this time alot of missinformation is being spread. My top tip for this is to check multiple different news sources and if they are different to the one that you read than it has been changed by the media.

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