Should we use one newspaper and one channel?

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We have mulitiple newspapers and channels. Is this a a good thing? Or should we just receive information from one source?

Yes we should have one news channel and newspaper.

Yes, we should only use one newspaper and channel because right now we are in a infodemic (a overload of information) and lots of opinions are spreading out after the trouble with the ingrediants of the covid-19 vaccine and the return of schools. A lot of false information is spilling out and at the moment we don't know which one to trust! Also, if we just recieve it from one source, word of mouth (which is much easier then figuring out the news by turning the telly on every 5 seconds) there is less likely to be fake news and then we can debate more how different reasons why one is better then another. My final reason is that it is much better with word of mouth becausethen we can listen more about BOTH opinions instead of hearing just lots of different news channels that may be slightly bias to one side.

No, we should have multiple news channels and newspapers.

No, we should have multiple news channels and newspapers because through word of mouth, it is much easier to spread a rumour as we don't have any reliable sources to support this set of news. Also, using one news channel can mean a lot of jobs that are used with other channels can lose there jobs. That means although it is good for one news channel, others will lose lots of money and time will be lost because no-one knows the right thing to do. Also, at this time, a lot of jobs already have been cut... Don't make it worse! My final reason is that surely we want as many people to be involved in opinions as we want because then we can learn from them.

My opinion.

I think that we should have multiple news channels becuse although it causes misinformation, some may be local news and include dangerous happenings that other sources may not be aware of. However, we've got to be careful of the right information to trust and what not to. My final opinion is a top tip. Try to listen only to ONE reliable news channel and ONE reliable newspaper. Then, stick to that one for your information as then you can't get as confused when hearing several ones.

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