Should we rely on everything on the Internet?

(Hello shining_journalist here!before I begin with my post ‘should we lie on social media` there is a reason because during lockdown we all looked at social media or online to look for information so this is with I decided to write this post)

Should we lie about social media?

Well I believe that we shouldn’t believe everything from social media as it is very easy to create a lie that will end up causing I bad situation that aslo can make many of the posters (the person who posted fake pos) followers will ask how did you get this information and then the poster will say The oh I found it from this or that.

This isnt the best way to get fans on social media platforms as then it’s going to create drama which also cause a big debate on the comment section of the post.I learnt that we shouldn’t believe everything on social medias yes there things that are not true but mostly not it just the information can be fake, because on social media they want attention so they would make something not true which people will view.

How to tell your information is true?

Now you might be thinking how to tell if your information that you are getting is true well there are many ways to check!one of them is to search a reliable website that many people use and you can see them the television such BBC it’s were we normally find our latest news of information right?;

Another television programme which is called newsaround its a children’s television programme which many children’s from the avarege age 8-15 many people say this is would be a reliable website that your information is true because they show clips,people who experienced it and images in my opinion.

Where should i get my information from?

You would now start thinking “then where should a find my news from?” well I find my news from the guardian,bbc and newsaround now these are my preferences so you can also have you own but these are the websites where I normally find my news!These would be great places to find your news!

Well this is the end of my post thank you for reading!-shining_journalist🤓

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    25 Mar 2021

    Excellent advice, shining_journalist, and much of what you say reflects the words of one of our experts Evan Davis from the BBC -

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