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The covid-19 vaccination programme is rolling out across the UK. Receiving a vaccination means being at much less risk of developing serious symptoms. The vaccines offered are safe and have been through all the necessary trials and tests to be approved for the public.

People getting vaccinated is really important for lifting the lockdown laws that we've seen over the past year.

Understandably, there is a big effort to encourage people to receive their vaccine. People are being called up in groups - beginning with the oldest and most vulnerable members of society, and the government hopes to offer everyone a vaccine by the end of July. Watch two TV adverts being shown here and here!

The government, scientists, doctors and nurses, community and religious leaders and celebrities are among the many reassuring people that vaccines are safe and effective. There is a huge amount of work being done to stop the public believing fake news and baseless conspiracy theories about vaccines being unsafe.

What THREE facts or numbers do you think are MOST important for encouraging people to come and be vaccinated?

Use the links below to find THREE pieces facts /numbers that you think are MOST important to persuade people to take their vaccine:

Guidance on when people can expect their vaccine, and general information about them

Information on possible side-effects of the vaccines

A BBC article on the "spectacular" impact of vaccines on serious illness

Then, for an extra challenge, tell us what order you would present them in and why!

If you wanted to encourage people to take their vaccine, which fact would you present first, which second and which third?

E.g. The first and most important fact I'd use to persuade people to take their vaccine is...

The second most important is...

The third most important is...

I have put them in this order because...

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  • Beaumont School logo sceptical_rainforest | Beaumont School
    23 Feb 2021

    The first and most important fact I'd use to persuade people to take their vaccine is: Studies in England and Scotland found that within weeks of getting a first dose, the risk of being admitted to hospital fell by at least 75% for the over 80s.
    The second most important is: The Covid vaccine trials have happened at breakneck speed, but they haven't skipped any steps.
    The third most important is: if an individual is not infected they cannot pass it on.

    I have put them in this order because it is important that people know the effects the vaccine is having, and whether or not it is actually working. I think that knowing how it has improved other people's lives would persuade lots of other people to get the vaccine.
    Most vaccines take years to develop, so one thing that might make people not want the vaccine is the fact that the Covid vaccine was developed in months. However, despite what people may think, all the steps were followed thoroughly and it passed all of the necessary requirements.
    Lastly, I think that the fact that once you get the vaccine, you can't spread it to others is important and will change people's minds. I think this because knowing that what you are doing could save someone else's life would make someone want to get vaccinated.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    02 Mar 2021

    Thoughtful choices, sceptical_rainforest! And well done for explaining your order too. There is still some uncertainty amount if vaccines cut people transmitting the virus to others, but lots of studies are taking place to give us answers!

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  • Cheam Park logo eager_reflection | Cheam Park Farm Primary
    02 Mar 2021

    eager_reflection here,
    The first and most important fact I'd use to persuade people to take their vaccine is: There is overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccination is the best defence against serious infections.
    The second most important is: Within weeks, one shot reduces the risk of being admitted to hospital by at least three-quarters for the over 80s.
    The third most important is: As well as protecting you, vaccines also protect your family, friends and other people you come into contact with.

    I have put them in this order because it shows that scientists strongly agree that vaccination is very effective against infections. People trust scientists more because they understand more about the virus than we do; they have spent most of their lives studying diseases. They also want themselves to be protected in the best way, so they should take a vaccine.
    Secondly, people might want to take the vaccine after hearing the second statement because the over 80s are the most at risk from dying to the disease, so if their chances of being is admitted is very low, then younger people should have even lower chances. Also, the statement mentions only one jab, so getting a second dose would reduce the chances even further and boost their immune system to protect them for longer.
    Finally, people might want to take the vaccine after hearing the third statement because people care about their family and friends, and would want to protect them as well as themselves. Also, it shows that if everyone takes the vaccine, then no one should be infected, which can speed up the process of returning to normal.
    Thanks for reading.

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