Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Did you know that 7% of people think the media has made the Covid -19 situation better but 35% think the media has made it worse? I didn't !

Which statistic concerns you the most?

This one because it's shocking how only 7% of people think they (the media) made it better and 35% of people think they made it worse.

Top Tip News Sources

What's the link between the news and mental health?

The link between the news and mental health has to be because if there is good news I'm sure they talk about mental health but if there is bad news they wouldn’t mention it.

Why can't this be a problem?

This can’t be a problem because most of the news has good updates so I'm sure it's good!

Top Tip – Numbers in the News

How can news sources use the same number in different ways?

I think they can explain in different ways because if they use one way it gets boring and it's not in a different way.

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