Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Did you know? Did you know that according to this statistic, 31% of people said they had been avoiding news about coronavirus since December 2020! That must mean they are too tired to care or frustrated about the constant news of Covid-19. It shows that nearly ⅓ of people have had enough. This statistic shows that people need help navigating the amount of news and how to avoid an overload of it.



The situation we are in (called an infodemic) is one in which lots of false information is going around. This can cause a problem as it is hard to identify which news is real or not. Also, it is said that most news that is reported is negative. Actually, a statistic says that 90% of the reported news is negative. Be careful, the amount of news can affect a mindset. For an example, if you constantly hear miserable news and upsetting stories, then automatically your brain feels down or upset. So my top tip is: Limit the amount of news stories to the least you possibly can. Because then you don’t have to worry about it.



Sometimes, lots of newspapers can write a story or a topic that might be included in another newspaper. However, you won’t be reading the same boring news story again and again. Instead, you will be hearing it from a different opinion or perspective. But this can also affect the mental mind. This is a problem as whatever perspective you hear about a topic, that mood will influence your mind. Also, there is plenty of fake news spreading around so I think you need to be careful before you consider spreading the news you found out to the people you know. This is a large problem because when you read something you don’t like, then you instantly recoil from it. So, my top tip is: Check before you read. As then you read all the facts before you decide if this is a story you would choose to read or listen to.



A lot of the time, numbers can be used in many different ways. You may hear a story when the newspaper says that a statistic is a really good one but another one could say that this is terrible news. Newspapers can use numbers in ways that can make things really confusing however you just need to understand how the media is trying to use it. Sometimes this is a problem because you may take numbers the wrong way the media write it. So, my top tip is: Understand the numbers before you take it into account. Try to make your opinions of the numbers!



As you must understand by now, everyone has different opinions. So, this means, others want others to make them feel the same way. And one way to do that is by shaping the story. The way they run it is doing SUPPLY AND DEMAND. This means the journalists supply what the people are demanding to have. Also, they change the story so they make the people think what they are suggesting is right or is true. So one newspaper may write an article about something that they think a person has done which is terrible and write a report describing all the bad things he has done but another newspaper could be saying the person has done something amazing and write all the positive things he has done. The problem is people believe it! So my top tip is: Don’t take everything for granted until you are 100% sure of it. Then, you can be one step ahead and you could detect fake news from a source or misinformation.

Hopefully now you can understand that getting information isn’t too easy!

I hope you liked my post!

By storytelling_king

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