Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Top Tip: Too Much News

Since the 8th March there has been a massive infodemic (an overload of news). It has mostly been about restrictions but you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear because not everything in the news is true. If you are worried about which news source you should trust, then listen to many different types of news and if there is one kind that you really believe in, stick with it.

Top Tip: News Sources

There are many different kinds of news most often there’s good news and there’s bad news. Scientists have discovered that our brains are more interested in bad news than good but that makes sense because good news is only here to make us feel good and bad news is to make us more careful but I think that people should listen to different kinds of news so they don’t just make us feel good or they don’t just make feel bad.

Top Tip: Numbers In The News

News Sources can use the same numbers because they do try to tell people the exact amount of people who have been getting vaccines, for example. Although I do understand why they do that, I also think that different news sources should use different information overwise there’s no point in there being more than one news source.

Top Tip: Story Shapers

I do believe that the media has its own way of shaping news stories, for example they can put fake news for people to believe things (that’s partly why you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear). You might be wondering how I know this, (well not just from my Burnet News Club lessons), I’ve actually heard some fake news stories before well of course they came from social media. I once heard that Trump Tower was destroyed but then I found out all of that was just a big lie. I’d say if you really want to know if it’s fake news or not, (coming from Social Media of course), especially at these times check the percentage of how many people believe or don’t believe if the news is true or false and watch out with different story shapers because the public and media have a lot of power over those kinds of things.

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