Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Chosen statistic: 90% of the news is all negative. This statistic means that the majority of all reported negative news has raised up to the percentage of 90%. This may lead to people having bad thoughts and that can cause horrible mental health.

Too Much News!

This infodemic is spreading too much misinformation and fake news which may cause problems. An infodemic is a game of chinese whispers. The more news that spreads, the more news people will make up. This can be a problem as many people will get distressed. Our top tip is to use reliable news sources like BBC news. That news source will provide truthful and positive information.

News Sources!

The news isn’t always positive, in fact most news is actually negative and this isn’t a good thing. However, the public are more interested in negative information (this has been scientifically proven) and so the media send negative news to grab the attention of the public. This can be a problem because if there is no positivity in the world, then everyone will become miserable. My top tip is that you need to watch/listen to positive news as well as negative news to be happier.

Numbers In The News!

Numbers are a vital part of the news as they provide statistics about a topic. Facts such as 90% of the news is negative, use numbers. However, numbers can be used in meaning the same thing but put into words as looking much smaller or lower than it is. The top tip is watch the 10% of the news which is positive instead of 90%of the news which is negative.

Story Shapers!

The media can shape a story as they can convince people to turn to their own opinion which is like not having a democracy. It is cruel as people need their own opinions to make news interesting because nobody will read the same thing. So I disagree with this media. My top tip is to always go along with your own decision. You should do this if the media is saying bad things, you cannot go along with it otherwise you can become in massive trouble with the police and authority.

More Statistics For My Answer!

Another statistic we can use for my answer is 35% of the people think the media have made the pandemic worse. This relates to our original statistic as it is reporting the 90% of reported news which is negative. I think the media also have made the pandemic worse because they let people have a lot of bad thoughts on the world Also, 31% of people were trying to avoid news about Covid-19 in December 2020. This could also be a good statistic for me as it shows that people are ignoring news about Covid-19, which is negative. That links to our original statistic as it is showing some of that negative reported news. I think people are wrong to ignore Covid-19 as they need to watch the news to be aware of the threat that Covid-19 brings and how they can stay away from it.

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