Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Did you know that 90% of news reported is negative? The media will always report negative news as people naturally have a negative bias and they will always want to find out more information so that they can protect themselves so in a way bad news is more popular. As people want to find out more information, they might look at too many sources, spend too much time reading it, and look at people’s opinions rather than facts like on social media. This can lead to the news making you feel afraid and change the way you do everyday activities which can affect them mentally and physically.


Too many news sources can spread misinformation. The sources can be biased especially from social media and can be people’s opinions rather than facts. They can also try to report information that will shock people as it will get their posts more hits. Some people get really scared about Covid because they might get misinformation and make them change their behaviour.

TOP TIP: Watch Newsround and BBC as they are unbiased. Newsround is especially good for children as it's not scary, not too long and has fun facts .


Too much negative news can have a negative effect on people's mental health. This can lead to people staying at home socialising, not doing as many activities or exercises which can lead to depression or being scared.

Top tip: only watch the news for 15-30 minutes a day, try not to spend all day watching the news.


The news can use percentages in a negative way to make the news seem more serious or depressing. they might say unfortunately only 40% of people have taken the vaccine, instead of saying fantastically 40% of people have taken the vaccine. They are the same fact but make the reader have a completely different effect on the reader.

Top tip: Always try to think about the fact that is being reported and what the numbers actually show.


The media can shape a story by the way they tell us something. For example, ‘millions of people were vaccinated’ gives the reader a positive outlook but if the reader was to read ‘vaccine rollout too slow’ this can make people scared or worried and this can make the situation worse.

TOP TIP: think about how the story is trying to make you feel and think about the facts.

Watch news that will inspire you. Hopefully you learn to watch different news and to see if you read too much news.

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