Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Did you know that 31% of people are trying to ignore news about Covid 19? This concerns me because people might be missing the good news about the pandemic and not catching up with updates about what is happening around the world.

Top Tip 1 : Too much news

During lockdown there has been a lot of misinformation about Covid 19. This means that it is hard to know what is true and what isn’t.

So that you know what is true and what isn’t, go onto a reliable type of news source and read or watch that instead.

Top Tip 2: Shaping a story

Shaping a story gives you an opinion on what you think about what you are reading.

To make sure you can hear other sides of the argument, read some articles that are on the same story that have different opinions and decide which one you most agree with.

Top Tip 3: Numbers in the news

In the news there are going to be lots of numbers. Some are even the same but shown in different ways.

Be mindful that not all numbers will be true and make sure you are asking questions about the numbers.

Top Tip 4: News resources

News resources can change the way you think about your mental health this includes: “Don’t listen to the news because you might hear or read something inappropriate”. This could affect you because if you don’t read the news you won’t be catching up on the things that are happening around you.

Don’t agree with things that you think aren’t true. Ask someone for their opinion and if it is a good idea to do what the media is saying and bear in mind that not everything on social media is going to be true.

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