Pandemic to Infodemic - Final Piece

Did you know a survey last year shows that 31% percent of people tried to avoid news about Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?


Misinformation spreads – unfortunately - which means people on the media may end up believing fake news known as rumours. This can be a problem because many people overthink things as this rumour continues to spread. Such as “If you take the vaccine it is breaking religious rules because the ingredients include this, this, this and that.” My top tip is to not believe everything but instead question the publisher, do your research and use trusted sites such as the television, bbc website/apps and newspapers.


This brings me to my next point how can this affect your mental health. Like I said before, the vaccine situation is a tough one because your health depends all on this vaccine (kind of) because if you get a particular vaccine there is a high chance you won't get the virus and this is just after your first dose so if you don't know which one to get do not worry this is common to be overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed by the amount of news is called an infodemic. Still confused? My top tip is don't believe the social media all the time even if you know the publisher or are close to them still be aware as fake news is everywhere.


Numbers in the news can be over exaggerated most of the time because they want you to think they are good. However, this is not true in all cases. Some do tell the truth. For example they could say “Now every single police in the UK has a guard dog” when this could be true but every single police could have had a police dog before but they were no good / useless. My top tip is to understand numbers in the news respect them but just because they sound like good number they could be exaggerated in different ways to make the reader think in a particular way.


The media is a good place where people can shape stories and spread rumours. They can shape stories and manipulate you to think about different numbers in the news. This is a problem as people could think that, “oh well we were giving away more technology for online lessons during the past year” but they could have taken them back after just a few months. My top tip is to not allow numbers in the news to trick you but instead think about it and say is this really the truth or not?

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