Opinion Infodemic

Throughout our Burnet News Club Issue 4 on Pandemic To Infodemic we have all given our opinions on the Hub but how about we share a little of what opinions we have on our minds all the time about this Pandemic and this Infodemic. Well what I really think is that everyone should have their own opinions on the Covid-19 Pandemic because it has affected everyone but does everyone understand how it has really affected other people? To help me understand more about this Pandemic/Infodemic I watched all lot and a lot of News and I also read some News Papers listening to how other people were dealing with the Pandemic helped me understand a bit more. I'm not saying that people shouldn't have their own opinions because everyone I've writen on the BNC Hub is based on my opinion but I believe if you listen to other people and you agree with them it can help expand your opinion on things then you'll have an overload of infomation (an Infodemic)!

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