News: Helpful? Or just fake?

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The world has become filled with news, whether it be fake or factual bombardment.

The worst issue is that about 90% of all news is negative or fake, this makes the public very confused about what is real and what is unsubstantiated.

If we take, COVID-19, for example, when the media reports on constantly sad news, like death tolls, this would have a negative effect on people who have experienced losses due to the Coronavirus, putting them off reading them.

Alternatively anti-vaxxers would be very much against any positive vaccine news.

There are several differences between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers frequently using different headlines and different ways of reporting the same story, to meet their own agender’s. Social media also does similar, gauging their headlines and stories by using the readers profile.

When the media shape a story, this could have a negative effect because so many people believe in everything that they see on their devices, the public will immediately believe the story and it could possibly be fake news.

On the other hand, if the media has inside information on the story it is likely to be more realistic and therefore not a problem.

Mental health is a global issue, more so now than ever, following the pandemic. Social media and in particular the press, have contributed to the deterioration of many people's mental health.

The media needs to start taking responsibility for their actions, vetting the stories they publish and the fake news associated with it.

I think that the reporter’s need to change the news so it is not just about Meghan Markle and Coronavirus all the time, it is getting a bit boring especially when it is the same story over and over again or just clickbait.

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