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Hi I am clever_peak and today I will be talking about the news and what is going on.

We all love to hear what is going on in the world so the news is the perfect place to get all the information we need. We have all the normal things on there like the weather and many other things but recently it has been on coronavirus and the death rate which we have been hearing alot about in lots of different ways and places. Some peopoke want to hear good news not the same thing to much as it can get people thinking it could be some one I know next which is unlikey but it can make people anxious and scared. Since the vaccine has been introduced the news have been focusing on how many people have been vaccinated so far almost 21 million have been vaccinated in England.

What is bad about hearing so much on the news?

The bad thing about hearing to much and different things on different channels is no one will know what to believe and to much can over whelm people with di thoughts it can make things more stressful for a human like ourself. Loads of things online can be giving away incorrect information (fake news) so we have to be careful that we don't fall for their trick.

Thank you for reading clever_peak :)

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