Is it Our Fault that The News is More Negative than Positive?

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This post links slightly back to our previous topic, 'Protest: Does it Work?'

Recently in our BNC lessons, we have been looking at good and bad news and why there is more negative stories on the news than there are positive. To recap, this is because our brains automatically look for bad news stories so that we can avoid the things that happen to the people involved in these bad news stories from happening to us. Because of this, if there is a bad news headline on the front page of a newspaper, that paper will be bought more than one that his filled with good news. This is called Supply and Demand.

Supply and Demand is one of the main reasons that there is more bad news than good news. Thinking back to the statistics we looked at in a BNC lesson, there was one that said 'A Russian newspaper lost 66% of its readers when it published positive stories for a day.' This is because of Supply and Demand. However, if it was the other way around, and people's brains scanned for good news stories, the Russian newspaper would have gained more readers and more negative papers such as The Sun would have lost some readers. Because of this, the readers have more power over what they read in them because journalists and reporters will want as many readers as possible, so will write about bad news. It all revolves around Supply and Demand.

This links to our previous topic of 'Protest: Does it Work' because during that topic nearer the end we were looking at how the news has an impact on protests and how it tends to focus on the negative, illegal and violent parts on protest. This is also because of Supply and Demand.

So now that we have taken a deeper look at Supply and Demand, I think it is fair to say that it is our fault that the news is so negative these days and that there is only 1 small infodemic I can think of that was good news: VE Day.

Do you think that, based on the information I just shared with you, it is our fault the news is negative? Do you think it's too late for us to make the news more positive? Can you think of a different positive infodemic? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    01 Mar 2021

    This is a great post and an interesting read. It's an impressive link you have made between the topics and I have given you a star for creativity as you have generated ideas by combining different concepts.
    Is there anything the public can do to turn the tide on negative news? If so, what?

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  • Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
    02 Mar 2021

    A-MA-ZING POST!! You sounded just like someone at the BNC!

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  • Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
    02 Mar 2021

    Sometimes it's better to have bad news, because people know about the dangers and struggles of the world, making it a lot easier to get prepared for more bad things to happen. Usually, good things are clearly visible, like a drought has ended or something like that (as an example). China controls the news, as I remember from one of the quizzes it said that, so that unimportant topics/events don't need to be shared, as the country will probably notice it a bit later. A news filter actually sounds like a good thing, because otherwise all the trash that doesn't need to be a "breaking headline" on the news, in a newspaper, on a magazine and many more. It might be our fault that most of the news is bad, like murders, climate change, luckily not covid-19, but much more. We affected our world, and now it's slowly changing the environment. People cutting down trees is losing thousands of animals, including birds, monkeys (really depends where you cut down the trees), squirrels etc., changes the climate, making it worse of a case of climate change.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      peaceful_raccoon's comment 02 Mar 2021

      This comment is packed with interesting points! I have given you a star for your problem-solving, as you have listed out lots of different ways in which bad news / a filter might be good. Your middle point about China controlling the media there is interesting - what other negatives might result from this?

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  • Braiswick Primary School buzzing_morning | Braiswick Primary School
    03 Mar 2021

    Wow. I didn’t know that much about supply and demand but now I do. Awesome post!

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  • Hammond School logo astounding_leaves | Hammond Junior School A
    10 Mar 2021

    The news is a mix of negative news and positive news, but I do think it's more important for people to know the negative side because, it can be dangerous and knowing it we can protect our selves. You can imagine it like the coronavirus, and if we hadn't spread the news for people to prepare it would have been more risky.

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    1. Hammond School logo valuable_vegetable | Hammond Junior School D
      astounding_leaves's comment 19 Mar 2021

      I completely agree, but sometimes good news is good because reading too much bad news can be overwhelming and can have an effect on your mental health. But I do agree that bad news can be better than good news because it keeps us alert and up to date with current emergencies.

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      1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Ines Teixeira @ Clifford Chance
        valuable_vegetable's comment 14 Apr 2021

        Great point astounding_leaves - too much bad news can definitely be overwhelming despite keeping us alert. Looking at your point on good news, can you explain why sometimes good news is also a good thing to have?

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