How the Pandemic has changed everything

Hi! Positive_Cookie here I just wanted to remind you how the pandemic has changed everything

First of all, the biggest change was the envoirnment. Since we all stayed in our homes the air got less and less polluted, this is a good thing, but as all the rules are calming down now the pollution is building back up again. This is not good, but we can help by: not using our cars so often, doing more walking and using vehicles like bikes and scooters to get around!

Another thing is Schools. As soon as lock down began, Schools were shut and everyone was doing home-learning. But as the weeks went by the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) let the key-worker children go back. The parents had a choice either to send them back or keep them in their homes. At this time, Secondary schools have been wearing masks to prevent the spread so the can enjoy the school year in classes not on screens and actually seeing their friends and teachers in person!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    25 Mar 2021

    You're right, positive_cookie, the pandemic has had a big impact on these two areas. You mentioned the pollution building back up again - look out for our next topic because there will be links to this! One area you haven't yet mentioned is the impact of the pandemic on the amount of information the public are now consuming. There's so much news about the coronavirus! What impacts do you think that has on people?

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