How does to much news affect our mental heath?

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Hi my name is loyal_piano and explain why does to much news affect our menstal heath your bobble heard this before but this is my reason why.

So news there are different tipe of news such as happy news and bad news if u look at the bad news it can affect our mental heathbecause it can worry people and make people really upset by all of the sad stuff like people have gone thow really hard stuff like snarmis and other stuff can really upset people.

How can we help u not look at to many news comming in our heads?

Well to help people we can make shire they are oki but not just that make shore u spend less time looking at new we all now that news are inporetent because of covid 19 and eathqakes and others tuff but it can make people really uncufitibull and make people not sleep but all the edvise for u is don't look at to many news

My apinyan about how can we get affect by the news and our mental heath.

I think spend less time like 15 minuts on the new then rest abdand like I said it can worried people make people really sad and not sleep.

By loyal_ piano!!!

If u have any questions iI will answer your questions iI hpe u like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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