How does to much news affect our mental heath?

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Hi my name is loyal_piano and explain why does to much news affect our menstal heath your bobble heard this before but this is my reason why.

So news there are different tipe of news such as happy news and bad news if u look at the bad news it can affect our mental heathbecause it can worry people and make people really upset by all of the sad stuff like people have gone thow really hard stuff like snarmis and other stuff can really upset people.

How can we help u not look at to many news comming in our heads?

Well to help people we can make shire they are oki but not just that make shore u spend less time looking at new we all now that news are inporetent because of covid 19 and eathqakes and others tuff but it can make people really uncufitibull and make people not sleep but all the edvise for u is don't look at to many news

My apinyan about how can we get affect by the news and our mental heath.

I think spend less time like 15 minuts on the new then rest abdand like I said it can worried people make people really sad and not sleep.

By loyal_ piano!!!

If u have any questions iI will answer your questions iI hpe u like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    07 Apr 2021

    Thanks for your good advice! Is there a positive news story you'd like to share with the rest of the BNC?

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  • Hammond School logo loyal_piano | Hammond Junior School B
    07 Apr 2021

    No I don't but ty for acing

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  • global-conversation.png observant_sparrow | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    13 Apr 2021

    In wanting to adapt to a new culture, the individual is subjected to the stress of acculturation. He is in fact led to question the values, standards and ways of thinking of his own culture. And from a psychological point of view, this re-examination can have serious consequences, with mental health problems (confusion, depression, anxiety ...) and the risk of alienation (in the sense of depersonalization).

    On the other hand, the process of adjustment to a new culture disrupts the identity of the individual, the sense of self-worth and that of living in a safe environment. It also generates internal conflicts and psychological disturbances. And we can undoubtedly seek to bring them closer to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    According to the data published to date, the health crisis we are going through is giving rise on the one hand to behavioral changes that are dangerous for both mental health and society, and on the other hand to various psychological disorders. The former can be seen as spontaneous coping strategies (coping strategies) in response to measures taken to fight Covid-19.

    Faced with this unprecedented situation, there is indeed a decrease in emotional regulation capacities: this is reflected in particular by an increase in family violence, parental burnout phenomena having consequences on child abuse, an increase in racism and xenophobia.

    Other behavioral disorders are also on the rise: addictions (including video games), sleep disorders, eating disorders and dropping out of school. And when it comes to values ​​and norms, that is to say of invisible and internalized culture, we have to observe a strengthening of conspiracy theories and new beliefs, or even a loss of confidence in the sciences.

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  • global-conversation.png hilarious_reality | New Tafo M/A (CRIG) JHS | Ghana
    14 Apr 2021

    Hi I'm hilarious_reality
    I also think that negative news can cause mood swings or changes that generate anxiety and depression which subsequently exacerbate the individuals own personal worries and anxieties

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  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg funny_cat | Upton Cross Primary School
    15 Apr 2021

    I relly liked how you explained your work on how fake news effects your body but just writing about fake news is good I likeed it but you could add how can you mabey stop spreading fake news. But it is relly good I find your explanation helpful by telling what it effects the human body.

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