How does an infodemic change the way people read the news?

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Hello, we are protective_dusk and active_guava, and we are here to discuss the very important question, How does an infodemic change the way people read the news?

So, first of all, what is the news? Well, the news is where people tell other people what is going on around the world. The word news means new story. There are also many ways on how people can access the news. For example, 73% of the people in the world get news from the TV? Other people access it from social media, the radio and even newspapers. Before the pandemic, lots of people watched the news pretty often, and this was probably about 3 times a day. But, because of Covid, we have gone into something called an infodemic as well. This is where there is lots of news on the same story.

Because of the infodemic, the way people view the news has changed. People are getting bored, scared, and overwhelmed with the amount of news there is on Covid. This can be bad as it is effecting people's mental health and wellbeing. Now, because of this infodemic, people are getting, and reading the news a lot less often then they would do. Because of this, news presenters might get less money. That is how an infodemic can change the way people view the news.

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  • Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
    03 Mar 2021

    Every person who has a job would've either gotten put on furlough or loose their job, or the amount you get paid will stay the same. Most people get most of the news now online or on the TV, maybe even the radio, because due to corona we aren't allowed to go out unless for essential journeys, we won't be able to get magazines or in the paper. Luckily, this pandemic is turning to the end of its hike up the mountain. I think there has been over 100,000 headlines or news articles about it on different channels (mostly because google didn't say how much it just came up with news articles). Usually when I hear the news, I get bored of it being the only thing on the news every single hour. Sometimes I even get scared, but that literally never happens. More people now watch the news on television because that's all you can do to get your updates on coronavirus (also social media sites and other etc.) It has effected many peoples wellbeing and mental health, with the current situation that they are experiencing, e.g relatives dying, as well as friends, and they have been very lonely during covid. Now I think everybody would read the news differently, after all we've been through, it's almost like we've been through it most of our lives. After this infodemic all passes over, people will read the news maybe a bit less because with the pandemic there are usually only important updates, because on other websites there will be less important headlines (maybe for now) as it's all we hear about.

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    1. Hammond School logo active_guava | Hammond Junior School A
      peaceful_raccoon's comment 10 Mar 2021

      I 100% agree with your allegation so thank you and I would love to here from you again

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  • Hammond School logo jolly_olive | Hammond Junior School A
    10 Mar 2021

    I think there are also good affects from an infodemic because when something is really important like the pandemic it means the more information the better because if everyone is getting what they need to do constantly they will defiantly know that they need to do it . And also the news on the pandemic is getting better so some of the other problems like mental health will start to get better because they know they are safe. Anyway that's what I think.

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