How can the social media lead to misinformation.

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What is misinformation?

Misinformation is when things like social media bring out wrong information about the news and this may lead to arguments because, if people hear the right news and other people the wrong news they will think that the other news they listen to is fake so for example a type of social news.

How has social media told a few lies?

Social media can lead to misinformation because it sometimes does not tell you what you are supposed to know for another example coronavirus, social media has made a few lies about coronavirus which in my opinion it has a very small amount of damage to the world because what I think is that we already have to do so much work to help stop covid and make our life better again and just to see that social media is adding on work that is not needed. In my opinion, people like this can be quite selfish because they won't be doing all the work so I think they should ask themselves, is I am doing the right thing?

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