Has there ever been a lot of news but for a good reason

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As we are looking upon the word "infodemic" and the main meaning of that word is a lot of news either told falsely or truly and so I thought that has there ever been news that has been a lot of facts but for a good reason?

well here are some headlines that were announced a few days ago

Megan and Harry

This news has been all over social media and has questioned a lot of people and so I think what happend was A couple of people based in the royal family had questioned Megan and Harry's baby and said that it was quite dark in terms of skin colour now this also links to racism and as We had a other subject which was "protest" One of the main things that I spoke about a lot was rasism

in my opinion when I research more about this I felt like this was a waste of our time we were discussing in class a few days ago about the situation and my teacher said "there are more urgent things going in the world "we all agreed with this because I think Athena the coronavirus is a huge problem and they're not even speaking about it that much anymore because of this situation I won't go into much detail and see who I agree with as that could hurt others feelings but when I ask my parents they said that they don't agree with anyone but the person that they think that has caused the situation is Megan. As it stands out this might sound a bit in sensitive but this is what they said they think that Megan was the cause of this reason as well for example the royal family were all peaceful and quiet but for someone to just walking is a bit weird you know and also this situation could've been spoke with in private rather than mentioned on the news and they gave a lot of information just for the small problem this is why I think this situation was a lot and shouldn't of been mentioned on the news


The coronavirus has been mentioned on the news A lot of times at It is a very deadly virus that has killed a lot of people there has been so much information on the coronavirus and I'm going to look back on when the coronavirus first started!

2020 January-decomeber

In 2020 the coronavirus is declared in China in a Country called Wuhan Over in that country the coronavirus is spreading very very fast and it was very urgent now let's move on from there and go onto the middle of 2020

at this point the coronavirus has spread to most countries in the world have become a huge problem although on the news there was so much information given about the coronavirus and nothing else was spoken

2021 January-March

In January England had to go into their fourth lockdown which was a lot to handle I was said that we needed a break and that we should at least be given the privilege to go outside and meet others but obviously that's a bit risky now that we've got the maybe "vaccine"

just to clarify these vaccines aren't classified as the cure the scientists are just testing it out to see if it will work

2021 March

As we can see now we are in March 2021 and it looks like the coronavirus is getting much better and we are having Less death rates we were at 125K deaths in 2020 and now in 2021 where at 100k wow

these are two main examples that have been going on all of the headlines

to conclude everything I said I think that too much news can also lead good news which can be very handy




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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    11 Mar 2021

    Thank you for this post, decisive_redcurrant. You introduce a lot of interesting questions about what should or shouldn't make the news. Just a few things to clarify:
    Prince Harry and Megan Markle suggested someone had expressed concerns about the skin colour of their baby.
    Wuhan is an area in the country of China
    The lockdown announced in January was the third lockdown for the UK
    The current number of deaths linked to covid-19 is 125,000,

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  • global-conversation.png genuine_snow | Khaznadar Pioneer Preparatory School | Tunisia
    30 May 2021

    As you mentioned a few dates related to the corona virus, I wanted to share my point of view on how infodemics could contribute to a good reason.December 31th, 2019 ,No need to mention what this date refers to. We all agree, It's a life-changing one. Once this phase started, every individual has been influenced, or even brainwashed by the amount of information the media has been spreading; Whether it be true or false, real or exaggerated. Yes, hearing news and reminders of healthy habits round-the-clock affects our mental health negatively.But, what affects us more is being kept away from our loved ones,our simplest genuine family moments,our favorite pastime activities and feeling like the best years of our lives is passing by too fast, vainly.On behalf of every teenager here,"How much longer"is one of the flow of ideas we constantly think of.

    Instead of bringing us down,did the media ever share tips to cope with these changes ?I think if the media focused on sharing this kind of information instead of the repetitive and sometimes heart-shattering one,the infodemic linked to covid-19 would be less negatively affecting on our mental health.

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