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Hello Everyone!

Today I will be explaining what an infodemic can do to people and their mental health. I will be focusing on the static I have chosen which is 7% of people think the media has made the covid-19 situation better but 35% think the media has made it worse.


. How does an infodemic spread misinformation?

An infodemic can spread misinformation because when an infodemic is caused there is soooo much news flying around it's hard to tell the difference between what news is wrong and what news is right.

. Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem because some people might take in fake news while others take in true news which can cause an argument over who took in what wrong. This can also be a difficulty because not everyone has read both sides of the story/situation. I will show this in an example.


Lets say you had an argument with a friend in the school playground and a teacher sees it happen.


What's happening children?

Friend 1:

Friend 2 said he will follow after school and punch me in the face so that the next day everyone will laugh at my black-eye.

Friend 2:


The bell rings for class

Teacher gets distracted by a crying Year 1 kid.

3 minutes later.


Time to get to class boys and I will be speaking to you Friend 2 for saying such things to Friend 1. Imagine if you were in his shoes.

Friend 1:

Ok Miss

Quietly Friend 1 says:

I can't believe I got away with it!

Quietly Friend 2 says:

The teacher didn't even get to listen to my part of the situation.

See how the teacher had got distracted by the Year 1 kid and forgot to hear Friend 2's side of the story.

I made this example for people who didn't understand what I meant. Hopefully, now you have understood clearly.

. So what's your top tip to help people find reliable news?

My top tip for you is to get your news from a reliable source you trust, like BBC news.



. What's the link between the news and mental health?

The news can affect people in many different ways. It could affect them when they do most things because they will be just thinking about the piece of news they had encountered. Some news [ mainly speaking negative news ] can make people nervous. Positive news can also be nerve-racking and I will show that in an example.


Some people are planning to leave the earth [ in the future ] and go to mars [ to live there ] because they don't believe we [ as humans ] can keep the earth safe [ it will be dangerous to live on ]. That is good news but for me, that feels stressing, living on a whole different planet, one you might not enjoy.

Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem because like I said before, people will be just thinking about the news they had come across and won't be focusing on what they should be doing.

So what's your top tip to help people stop being overwhelmed by the news?

My top tip is to not take the news so seriously and when the news is negative, then put a positive twist to it. I will show this in an example.


A school is raising money for a charity in Switzerland. The children have raised £75 altogether but the Headteacher isn't happy.

my positive twist

If I were the headteacher then I would think on the bright side. I would be happy that at least the children had tried their hardest. And I would be thinking how many things £75 could do.


Every penny counts.



. How can news sources use the same number in different ways?

The news can use one number in many different ways.


Lets say 75% of Canada wear blue shorts on a Friday [ not actually true ]. I think that 75% is a lot but if I say only 75% of Canada wear shorts on a Friday. That makes it sound like 75% is not a lot when it is. And the word that makes it sound like that is the word only.

Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem because like I said before, when things tend to be positive, some words like only, make it sound negative.

. So what's your top tip to help people understand numbers in the news?

My top tip for you is to actually read the news carefully and if it says something like only, in the sentence it does not mean it is negative or low [ it might be positive or high ].



. How can the media shape a story?

The media can shape a story because that piece can be read by many and probably will be.

Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem because what the media shares with society/the public might be fake [ fake news ].

. So what is your top tip to help people see how the media has shaped their opinion?

I will recommend going to a reliable source like BBC news.

I put a lot of effort into this post so I hope you liked it!


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