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Hello burnet news club and everyone this will be a joint post written by us!! Hope you all enjoy!

We as a group are going to be explaining what infodemic does to people and their mental health. We will be focusing on our chosen statistic which is how 7% of people think the media has made the covid 19 situation better but 35% think the media have made it worse.


Top Tip

too much news

How does an infodemic spread misinformation?

If there is an infodemic it is most probably for there to be lots of misinformation, since there would be so much news you wouldn’t know what to believe in. It would be like chinese whispers. If the news is passed on by word of mouth it is most likely to not be completely true.

In context to our statistics … you don't know who they are asking the questions too.

It really changes perspective if you only ask people from one city to several people from different cities or countries. Depending on what people are taught on and where they are raised will change their opinions.

Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem because if people read lots of misinformation, they will be confused and won’t know what to believe. This can lead to big rumors and possibly protest for something that doesn’t exist. As I have already mentioned before an infomedic can be really confusing.

My top tips to find the most reliable news is to look on websites that most of your friends and family look in. Also look in several news websites and resources, for example; Television,newspapers: The sun, Telegraph etc. Radio,social media. In my opinion the BBC is a great place to verify your news.


Top Tip

News sources

What’s the link between the news and mental health?

The news affects people in ways such as how they act, speak Communicate and including the Media. but sometimes the news can be a little too much for some people like people can start to panic, people can get really stressed, angry, tired Which affects people’s mental health a lot.

People in general tend to take news very seriously and very sincerely if the news is negative it will make people feel sad, but if the news is positive it would more likely bring up peoples day and make people happy.

Also there can be an overload of so much news for example let’s say the news is just all about coronavirus and there was so much information going on also known as infodemic news. This can affect people because they are thinking too much of this or that.

Why can this be a problem?

As I said before this can affect people’s mental health a lot as they will be spending most of the times on screen instead of having a walk in the park for example this will not change peoples mindsets at all as they will just be focusing on this one particular part of the news or on any parts on the news for examples there could be good things written in the news but they have chosen to look at the bad point of the news. People can suffer from things such as headaches pain and more things which isn’t good for our body.

So What’s your top tip to help stop people being overwhelmed by the news?

My top tip To help people stop being overwhelmed by the news as to how do you take a walk in the park take some time of the screen. Even if you have to you can even speak to her friend and I talk to in general is to just relax my mind and take some time of any screen and try and do something that will relax your brain.

Also to don’t think bad about the news for example if there is a coronavirus situation that’s happening right now don’t think bad things about it think of the positive things that could happen and not the negative side


top tip

Number in the news

The news can include a lot of numbers in certain types of news for example now with the coronavirus a lot of numbers have been used lately on the news for example the number of deaths of the coronavirus or the number of people that have been vaccinated.

but the main question asked is

how can New sources use the same numbers but in different ways?

The news can use numbers in so many different ways as I said before if you look back into session 3, they go for a really good example

they gave four cards each saying the numbers of the vaccines here what they said

Card 1 ) a whopping 37% of people aged 80+ given the Covid vaccine within the first month.

The words using the small writing gave us a feeling that this was a positive and successful card because It said a whopping 37% which makes people think that this is good for that 37% of people have already been vaccinated.

Card 2) Only 37% of the over 80s vaccinated against COVID-19 in a whole month

The word used this card gave us a sense that this was a negative and not a good card because it says that only 37% Of people have been vaccinated which gave us a bad feeling because it could’ve been 55% of people aged 80 were vaccinated but it was only 37%.

In general. The news can use numbers in different ways either to make them sound negative or positive.

Why can this be a problem?

Well as I said on the news can use numbers in different ways to make them sound positive or negative, but in some ways it can sound negative but it is actually very positive for example let’s say the new said only 57% of people aged 55 to 85 have been vaccinated within three months. This is actually very very positive as 57% of people within the age of 55 to 85% I’ve been vaccinated which is a huge success and a very good achievement to succeed in. In general this can be a huge problem because sometimes something comes on positive but can actually be negative, or something can be negative but can actually be positive!


Top Tip

Story Shapers

The media can shape a story because it is a form of method to pass information to a big audience. This can be in the form of news, or a story on TV, radio, or a newspaper. It’s sometimes a problem because the media might be passing on fake news. It is best to go to a reliable source that you trust And that has been used by a lot of people if you still don’t know how to go onto a reliable website find a huge program such as the BBC or sky News and they must’ve drop some links down for you to click!

I hope you have all enjoyed our post ,we have worked very hard on this. We hope that we have helped you understand more about the pandemic to infodemic have a great day or night stay safe stay blessed.

By decisive_redcurrant,authentic_earth and unique_tiger


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