From Pandemic to Infodemic

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( An infodedemic is when people rapidly give lots of information about the same story over and over again).


My chosen statistic is that 90% of news is negative. This means that a lot of news is not too good and may have an affect on some people's lives.

Too much news

This means there is too much fake or negative news about something that can hurt or scare people.

This can be a problem because you do not know which one to believe and also you may spread it to people that might not agree with you. The news has told you so many different things, you would not know what is right or wrong.


If you focus on one particular news show you would not be bombarded with other news from anywhere else apart from that one news show.

News sources

This defines that people are filled with misinformation and/or fake news from unsimilar places.

The link between mental health and the news is that depending on what type of news you read, like if you read bad, negative news, it could affect your mental health and lifestyle. For example, the news said that you should wear a face mask, this changed people's lifestyle, as they wear masks a lot. This can be a problem because firstly, if you spread this news, people could not believe it, argue with you and turn your mental health down.


Listen to a reliable, trusted news source, you know will tell you the right thing because if you do, you won't have to worry about fake news.

Numbers in the news

The meaning of numbers in the news means, the percentage, fraction... of the amount they put on the news.

For example, 40% of the elderly have been vaccinated and in another news report it says 4 in 10 have been vaccinated. It depends on which one you are looking at. If the first one, you think it is positive, if the second one, you think it is negative but, they are actually the same.

It is a problem because as I said, when you look at it from another place, you might think it is positive or either negative.


The top tip is that you should know the difference between the numbers because you do not know if they are the same or different.


The media can shape a story by, making it sound negative. For example, numbers in the news, they could say that 30% of news is negative (not too good) or they could say 3/10 of news is negative (it sounds better). This can be a problem because of mental health, but not always because it doesn't matter how you shape a story beacause it is all the same thing


Shape the stories that YOU hear and try and make it into a different story. e.g., as I said 3/10 of news is fake or 30% of news is negative. Shape it and make both of them into the same type of news.

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