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Hi. Today I will be explaning how on December 2020, 31% of people were trying to avoid news about Covid-19. This is important as you will get anoyed at reading or watching the same news over and over again.


Top Tip

Too Much News

How can an infodemic spread misinformation?

An infodemic can spread easily by saying the wrong news or wrong information, or it could be spread by opinion.

Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem because many people can rely on hearing the news or reading fake news, and they could be confused on which news is real and on which news is fake. This can lead to fake news that's going to millions of people. I could also make big fights.

What's your top tip

My top tip, is to go on a reliable program or website that people you know use, such as BBC news.


Top Tip

News Sources

What's the link between the news and mental health?

News can be strange or scary. If you get too anoyed at listining to news about Covid, then you could get bord and even depresed.

Why can this be a problem?

This can be a problem, because you could getreally sad of loosing your familly and angry of watching the same news over and over again.

What's your top tip?

My tip for you is to go on google and type in news apart from Covid-19 so that you will never see news about Covid-19 again.


Top Tip

Numbers in the news

How can news sources use the same number in different ways?

The news can be a bit numbery and can envolve percentages or numbers of deaths. The news non't always say the exact number for example, 30,000 people were dead because of Covid-19, but they real number could be 30,475. That meant that they rounded their deaths or percentages. Or numbers could be a bit upsetting.

Why can this be a proplem?

It can be a problem because you want the exact amout of numbers because you could be a journelist counting the deaths of the year. Maybe you had a bet of if the house or something else cots 302,234,759 and the news or newspaper said that it was 300,000,000, the other person won the bet. It could be upsetting for some veiwers because imagine it was a war against China and America, three billion people died of the war and it could be upsetting for some people.

What's your tip?

Well, my tip it to go on google again, and search the amount of the number or deaths.


Top Tip

Story Shapers

How can the media shape a story?

The media always shape a story for example, some was racist and both of them were fighting, then other people came and joined the fight againsed both of them. This example can lead to someone observing the fight and can end up vidioing it. This will quickly go viral on sochial media and will finaly go on the news.

Is this always a problem?

This can always be a problem because when you do something small, it will be viral and could even be on the news. Imagine fire blasting out of your kitchen because of your oven overheating at night, and your in a flat. Mary people in that block will die because of you just like the story of Grenfell. Also you get a big chance of getting in the news.

...So what's your top tip to help people see how the media has shaped their opinion?

My top tip is to be aware of what you are doing and be carefull of what you say to things and people. This will give you a chance to be on the news for a good reason. Reamember, think before you say.

By Magical_cat

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    31 Mar 2021

    Hi magical_cat, could you share the sources for where you found your facts please?

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