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News Sources

Staying off school for two weeks? Or was it a month? Reporters twist the truth about the news more than you would expect. For example, in your local newspaper, how many deaths have been caused by Covid-19? Now ask a relative, friend or a teacher/co-worker. 31% of the public try to avoid any form of covid related news, this is due to 90% of the news that is reported in todays generation negative. This is why we suggest a reliable source, such as the BBC reality check, or a news channel like BBC News, they are less likely to spread miss-information. Heres why: In 2019, a comprehensive global study from globalwebindex of TV and digital news, surveying 138,000 respondents, found BBC News to be the world's most trustworthy news service. For childrens news channels, you could watch Newsround (a highly recommended daily news channel for ages 8- 14, recommened).

Too much news?!

Since April 2020, mental health has decreased. Well, 16 months of feeling restless and alone came by surprise (and in an unfortunate way). Didn't it? This is why we recommend, meeting with a friend socially distances, calling or messaging somebody often or even sending letters to each other! There is many things i recommend, i could go on for hours!

This list will provide you with 2 main top tips!

  • Making sure your mental health isn't declining. You could stop this by only checking the news for updates or anything important to you, and avoiding depressing subjects.
  • Making sure you arent to lonely! This is by following my tips from before.

Numbers in the news!

News writers tend to spread number percentages (31%, 59%, 78%.) in a negative form. This could change anyones perspective on the coronavirus almost instantly!

Story shapers?

Imagine reading the news and you stumble across your favourite influencers name. You suddenly wonder what they have done. Only to find out that they have illegally thrown a party, ignoring the covid-19 rules. Then, you loose all trust in them! Just because of a news article which your doubting is true. And that is how a reporter can easily shape a story. This happens to millions of people everyday.

Here are some questions for you to think about:

1. Are the websites you are getting your news from reliable? How do you know?

2. Has your mental health changed through the pandemic? How?

3. Have you used any of our suggested websites before? Tell us when!

I hope you have learnt something from this text! Research and text written by Involved_Grapefruit, extra ideas by Upbeat_Acorn.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    30 Mar 2021

    Thank you for these top tips and thank you for telling us about good websites to use. Is there a particular page on one of these sites that you have found helpful and can you provide a link to it?

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg involved_grapefruit | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    30 Mar 2021

    Yes! -newsround , and mainly checked around 3 websites for the top tips! (google,, and! which are 3 very secure websites.

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