Fake News Or Real News - Differences and Opinions

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As I am certain you all know, a virus is sweeping the globe: Covid-19. The news, every day, will most likely have at least one story about it.

But how do we know what is fake and what is real?

Over the years, many fake (or "tainted") news stories have been broadcasted. Sometimes media companies will twist the story to get more viewers.

This is awful and MUST be stopped.

Especially in a case as serious as Covid-19, the news companies will make the story "juicier" by adding a spin to it.

Linking back to the question at the top (Line 3), there is actually no way of telling if a story is fake or real. Of course, when people find out they have been lied to, it causes a huge stir. However, this continues.

How can we stop Fake News?

In fact, there is no way to stop fake news. We will hear "rumours" and "gossip" about things, but they are not always true. The same with the news. And that brings me to the question...

If not the news, who can we trust to bring us the truth?

Answer the question in the comments!


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    15 Mar 2021

    Thank you for this interesting discussion starter. You say there's no way to tell fake news from real news - is this actually true? You might want to try our quiz which helps you understand the difference: https://burnetnewsclub.com/issues/pandemic-to-infodemic/the-discussion/infodemic-fun-quiz/

    And you say we cannot stop fake news - but is this also true?

    We have an expert coming up from a fact-checking organisation and I'd recommend watching their answers!

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  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg discreet_drum | Upton Cross Primary School
    19 Mar 2021

    In my point of view, I think it is possible to stop fake news from spreading, if a lot of people try to work together to stop it from spreading. These ways are; if you see something you’re not sure about, don’t share it to others, don’t like it and comment on it, - if you do, social media will think it’s important than it is and they would think that this has a bigger impact and that people like it more which will encourage them to supply more fake news. What you should do is - report it.
    Other ways to stop spreading fake news is: Google the information you find is true or false (especially as if it’s an older hoax), check the websites and reviews first and if it has a lot of ads and pop ups then it's most likely fake so don’t share it. A surprising fact is that if the news makes you angry, check it twice because that’s what social media count on.

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  • Halsnead logo hopeful_city | Halsnead Primary School
    26 Mar 2021

    Thanks for the link, Tom @ the BNC, and discreet_drum for commenting on my post! I am excited about this topic and will be writing another soon!
    Hopeful_city 🎆

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