How to upload your Final Piece

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What is a Final Piece?

Your Final Piece is the piece of work that you will produce at the end of the Issue. This Issue's Final Piece is a piece of artwork and a paragraph to show your thoughts about how the world should "build back greener".

How do I upload my work?

Take a photo of your artwork and save it to your device. Then go to your profile page.

  1. Choose 'WRITE POST' at the top of the screen
  2. Select that your post is a ‘Final Piece
  3. Do not 'Add a header image'
  4. Fill in the form with ‘Your title’ and add the paragraph about your artwork where it says ‘Your post
  5. To add a photo of your artwork into your writing, select the box with a red border called ‘IMAGE
  6. Select 'UPLOAD' and choose the photo of your artwork
  7. Submit your post for approval using the purple button that says 'Submit for approval

Once the BNC team has read over your post, we’ll approve it so everyone can see it and you’ll get a notification. This usually happens within one day. If your post is not approved, you will get a notification to tell you why.

Warning! You cannot upload an image you find on the internet or was created by someone else. This is due to copyright laws.


  • To find your posts and Final Piece, click on ‘YOUR POSTS
  • If you use another website for help, make sure you include the link to where you found your information. Never copy and paste - you must always write in your own words
  • You can save your draft and finish it later. It will be in ‘YOUR POSTS’. Always save your work before you leave the page, otherwise it will be deleted
  • Keep an eye on your notifications! They will tell you if you have been awarded a BNC skills star or if another club member has written a comment on your Final Piece. You can find the BNC skills here
  • Look at other students' Final Pieces and add a comment to tell them what you like about their work