Where do fact-checkers get their news? And other questions...

We're delighted to bring you an interview with Deputy Editor of the fact-checking organisation Full Fact, using your questions!

Pippa Allen-Kinross told us all about helping people grasp the truth behind news stories, famous people spreading fake news and even a story of a giant rat. Was it true? Watch Pippa's answers to find out...

We'll let Pippa introduce herself...

Are there any consequences of people spreading fake news?
discreet_drum, Upton Cross Primary School

There's a lot of consequences of false information...it can change the way people vote, it can change the way they treat certain groups or ethnic minorities and it can even prompt people to cause damage

Pippa Allen-Kinross

What are some useful ways to inform the public and tell them that something is fake news?
decisive_redcurrant, Michael Faraday School

Can it sometimes get a bit argumentative at Full Fact if people have different opinions on whether it is true news or fake news?
poetic_passionfruit, Hammond Junior School

How often do famous people try to spread fake news? Also, is there sometimes news that not only people but fact-checkers fall for and miss?
outspoken_planet, Michael Faraday School

President Trump shared a lot of information that wasn't correct and that reached the whole world very very quickly

Pippa Allen-Kinross

Where do you get your news?
adventurous_raisin, Penketh Primary School

Bonus question: Do any stories Full Fact have covered stand out in your memory?
Tom @ the BNC

A big rhank to you Pippa for answering our questions (and to Pippa's colleague Ben for setting our interview up). Did you hear anything that surprised you? And what have you learnt about fact-checking that you didn't know before? Add your comments below!

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