What's your advice for young journalists? ...and other questions!

Natasha Loder is Health Policy Editor here at The Economist. Her journalism covers a wide range of topics in medicine, technology and science. We sat down to ask her your questions. Let's go!

How can you tell what is the truth and what is not when many medical professionals are not 100% sure of the outcome of the new vaccines? Are you worried about printing something that later on will be proved inaccurate?
miraculous_molecule, Hornsey School for Girls

Whenever someone wants to publish something in these medical journals, lots of other people look at the paper first and say "yes it's okay" before it gets published. So in health, there are lots of trusted sources of information

Natasha Loder on finding accurate information

Are you worried about the side-effects the Covid-19 vaccine gives for some people?
analytical_sea, Hammond Junior School

How many sources do you need to look at to ensure that your articles do not contain misinformation?
eager_reflection, Cheam Park Farm Primary School

If an answer to something relatively trivial - like how many square acres is the UK - you may only need to look up once source of information like an official one...that's the same for any subject. It really depends what the information is.

Natasha Loder on looking at sources

What have you been writing about and does that involve finding a cure for Coronavirus?
Are medicines still being made even though we are in a pandemic?
Were you able to still work through the first and second lockdown and are you still working now?

bright_independence, Evelyn Street Primary School

Do you always filter out fake news from your writing, or do you tell people about it in your articles?
peaceful_raccoon, Hammond Junior School

What's your advice for young journalists?
Tom @ the BNC

Thank you very much to Natasha for her brilliant answers! And thank YOU for your great questions.
If you were a journalist, what would you like to write about? Health? Politics? Sport? Climate change? Add your answer with your reasons below!

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  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg discreet_drum | Upton Cross Primary School
    28 Mar 2021

    If I was a journalist, I would want to write about health more because during this time, people still have many questions about vaccines or whether we’re improving with how many tragic deaths or how many new cases for coronavirus. I would probably write about politics next because there’s always something exciting and interesting happening whether it’s debates to discussions. Finally, I would write about climate change because it’s really important that everyone looks after the planet just like Earth looks after us. I don’t think I would write about sport because in my opinion, I believe that sport isn’t that important as all of the other options.

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  • Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
    03 Jun 2021

    Yay my question was answered! Tysm Natasha! :))

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