Khady Gueye answers YOUR questions!

Our Issue on Protest is over, but we wanted to bring you Khady Gueye's inspirational answers to your questions. Khady is a Black Lives Matter protest organiser and Director of the Local Equality Commission. You can read more about her here, and also watch a video she made with the BBC about standing up for the Black Lives Matter movement in a rural area.

There are also some links within Khady's answers with our current topic - can you spot them?

How does it feel to live in an area where some people might not appreciate what you're standing up for?
discreet_drum, Upton Cross Primary School

Do you feel anger when people try to deny things about racism or when they say that the Black Lives Matter protests are irrelevant?
impartial_shark, Boutcher C of E Primary School

Sometimes racism can be invisible to white people but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It highlights how much work me now have left to do"

Khady Gueye

Are some people who disagreed with you now helping you?
buzzing_grapefruit, New Horizons Children's Academy

It's really lovely to think my daughter will grow up going to school with people like you who are really trying to learn about things and make a real difference

Khady Gueye, responding to buzzing_grapefruit's question

What is something me and my class friends could do in our local area to change something we don't believe in?
sympathetic_horse, Lyon's Hall Primary School

Do you think celebrities and rich people should support a campaign to make a successful one?
careful_moose, Hammond Junior School

What have you learnt or understood from Khady that you didn't know before? Add your comments below!

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