The BBC's Evan Davis talks to the BNC!

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you our chat with Evan Davis. He now presents the PM news programme on BBC Radio 4. Evan is a former presenter of BBC programme Newsnight. Before this, Evan was a presenter of the Today programme on Radio 4. He also spent seven years as the Economics Editor of the BBC. In addition, he is the host of Dragons Den. Evan's latest book is called "Post Truth" and is all about what we can do about the avalanche of misinformation and misleading news around today. We'll let Evan introduce himself...

What inspired you to write a book about truth and information?
discreet_drum, Upton Cross Primary School

What inspired me? Working in news and dealing with people all the time...I have observed people trying to shape the truth in the way they speak...they're not lying but they're trying to craft a story that isn't quite true

Evan Davis on his inspiration for writing his book

Has someone ever given you false information when you have been researching/interviewing?
buzzing_grapefruit, New Horizon's Children's Academy

Do you have any top tips for spotting fake news and lies?
sceptical_rainforest, Beaumont School

Ask yourself, when someone tells you something, where is this person coming from? What do they want to believe?

Evan's top tip on spotting misinformation

Do you come across people who refuse to believe the truth on social media, and if so how do you deal with them?
independent_leopoard, Caister Academy

Why do people create fake news and misinformation?
wonderful_photograph, Rogiet Primary School

Thank you very much to Evan Davis for his wonderful answers!

  • What did you learn from watching them?
  • Did anything surprise you?
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