Read THIS before you write your post!

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We're all getting used to using the Hub at the moment, and some of you will notice that your posts aren't being published. Read on to find out why.

We won't publish...

  1. Posts that repeat an idea that has already been talked about. Make sure your read all the posts first. If someone else has written about your idea, you should COMMENT on their post and join the conversation.
  2. Posts that are one sentence long. Posts should be longer and more developed. Perhaps a paragraph of ideas, or some research (in your own words) with a question. If you have one sentence to add, write it as a comment on a different post.
  3. Posts that aren't about Myanmar. We keep all conversation focused on the current BNC topic!
  4. Posts with pictures from other websites. We can't use any photos that we don't own, as they don't belong to us!

We LOVE reading your ideas, so please follow this advice and keep them coming to win some stars! You can find out how to win on the Hub here.

If you have any questions about how to write posts or comments, please comment below!

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