The Hong Kong Crisis

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a year 6 student at Hammond school. I am writing in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis. I’m appalled that China is breaking the 1 country 2 system agreement; I find it extremely unfair on Hong Kong!

As you are aware, the Hong Kong Crisis is impacting on citizens life’s. It is gobsmacking to think that children like me are living In an unsafe surrounding due to all the protests happening in Hong Kong. In my opinion, I believe the very best thing to do would be to intervene. I am willing to help if it will impact the happiness of the environment around in Hong Kong. The fact that China is breaking the promise is not only unfair on Hong Kong but it is also unfair on us as we should be able to trust China to keep the agreement.

I feel as though China has too much power over Hong Kong as they pick their leader and Hong Kong has no impact on their decision. Hong Kong citizens went onto the streets to show their emotions when Hong Kong wanted to introduce a new rule; if you did a crime you would be sent over to China and put on trial, and if found guilty, punished there. Another great reason to intervene.

During protests, people have either died or been seriously injured by rubber bullets. It is proven that most people living in Hong Kong identify themselves as being from Hong Kong not China as 71% of people aren’t proud to be Chinese citizens.

In conclusion, I trust that the best way to help is to intervene and not to leave this situation alone. Even though China are a strong army we should fight for what’s right for Hong Kong. As we ruled for a while, I feel its our job to protect Hong Kong’s human rights. Furthermore, I hope you agree with my opinion.

I greatly appreciate your time.

Yours sincerely


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