should Britain intervene with the Hong Kong crisis

Dear Mr James Cleverly

I am a year 5 student at Lyons Hall primary school which is within your constituency. I am writing to you to make sure you have considered all the relevant points to the Hong Kong’s and China’s crisis. In this letter it will be about the issues of China and Hong Kong and also my views.

The problem is there has been many disagreements between Hong Kong and china. For example China chose Hong Kong’s leader, also book sellers, who sell books that China don’t want people to see have been disappearing and reappearing in China’s prisons.

Currently in Hong Kong in crisis: the people are fighting for freedom that china won’t let them have. Since the 1st of October 1949 china has been run by one party.

I think Brittan shouldn’t intervene because we could lose one of our biggest trade dealers throughout this harmful situation. We are involved with this situation because we used to rule Hong Kong in 1997 then we handed Hong Kong back to china. The challenges of my idea could involve Hong Kong to threaten us I think this because we used to rule them and they want help.

Yours sincerely


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