Should Britain Intervene? A Late Letter To My Local MP

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Dear Dr Rosena Allin-Khan,

I am skillful_passionfruit (my name on the Burnet News Club) and a student from Graveney School, and I am here to discuss the topic of the Hong Kong crisis. I find that joining the club has honed my debating and evaluation skills, and as I took part in the Wandsworth MUNGA to ban the use of single-use plastic, I feel that this letter will help develop my confidence so I can speak out more. Even though I am just a schoolchild, I find that this topic is quite important to discuss, as Britain has responsibility for the future of Hong Kong and it's people – whom I will refer to as Hongkongers. I really do hope you put my letter into consideration. I'm sorry this letter is quite late.

As you might already know, in the 1800s, China had lost a number of wars to Britain, and we gained control of Hong Kong as a result. In 1997, Hong Kong was handed back to China, but before this event, our and China's politicians both agreed about the way Hong Kong was to be run from then on–the agreement of having a 'one country, two systems' policy. It would mean that Hong Kong still remained part of China, but would be ruled by Britain. Because Hong Kong was ruled by Britain for such a long period of time, Hongkongers had gotten used to having the basic human rights and having a fair and just law, unlike China. The deal promised to protect the Hongkongers' way of life and not to interfere with the way it's run until 2047. Until then, Britain and China have to stick to the deal, but recently many peoply say China hasn't kept its promise...

Many people in Hong Kong are out on the streets protesting against the Chinese government. They feel as if they are taking away their freedom and human rights - two of the most important things that people could ever have. Though there may be consequences or drawbacks to this, I think if we made a carefully-thought-out decision, the people of Hong Kong would live much better lives, and we would be keeping our word for the future of Hong Kong.

Here are the major drawbacks:

  • many of our resouces and objects are made in China, so if we come to a disagreement, most of the trade between Britain and China would be highly affected
  • China has a very large army, and if we were to start a war, Britain would easily be defeated, if we didn't have allies like France or America to back us up.

The benefit is knowing that Hongkongers would have a happier life; Hong Kong has become a little Britain, and it's only fair to give them what they want. This way, Hongkongers will stop ther protests, and will be able to handle matters in Hong Kong, instad of e.g. going to China to get trialled.

This letter is very late as I was unable to write it for some time, so I deeply apologise for this.



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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    30 Oct 2019

    Thank you for this letter, skillful_passionfruit. I have awarded it a star as you have spoken up clearly for what you think, writing many statements and reasons and using evidence and history effectively. Well done.

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