Should Britain Intervene

Hong Kong In Crisis

Should Britain Intervene?

The current situation is in Hong Kong people are always protesting human rights.

The history of Hong Kong is in the 1800s China lost a series of wars to Britain took control of Hong Kong which it then ruled for around 150 year.

I don’t think that Britain should intervene because we could be putting our country in danger and all the stuff that is happening in Hong Kong could then come in to our country and then cause a bigger problem in our country.

China is an important trading partner for Britain because in 2016 Britain imported £426 billion pounds worth of good from china.

Someone in this situation would agree with me because you could be putting your life in risk. In China you can be put in jail for criticising the government.

I hope for Hong Kong to have peace in the future.

I think my MP should listen to me because I think that it is true on what could happen: All the things that are happening in Hong Kong could then come into our country and cause a bigger problem.

I think the steps that my MP should take is to take it slow and try to solve the cause of the problem

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