should Britain intervene

In Hong Kong human rights haven’t been respected because of China and their law changes. People in Hong Kong disagree with this.

Britain is involved in this because Hong Kong and Britain had a war and Britain ruled Hong Kong for 180 years but Hong Kong took it back.

I think we should intervene because we can help them and we can try and stop China changing the laws.

More people live in China than any other country so therefore lots of people would disagree with us. China went back to ruling Hong Kong in 1997.

Someone who is involved with this would agree with me because Hong Kong want help because bad things are happening to them.

But there is a problem because if we do intervene they may send the biggest army in the world over to Britain.

I want Hong Kong to be a calm place where people can come and visit without worrying.

The MP should listen to me because if it was our country we would want people to help us.

I would like our MP to take this knowledge very seriously.

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